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How China Can Ramp Up Wind Power

China has an opportunity to massively increase its use of wind power — if it properly integrates wind into its existing power system, according to a newly published MIT study. The study forecasts that wind power could provide 26 percent of China’s projected electricity demand by 2030, up from 3 percent in 2015. Such a […]

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Wind Power Fiercer than Expected

University of Delaware researchers report in a new study that offshore wind may be more powerful, yet more turbulent than expected in the North Eastern United States. The findings, published in a paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, could have important implications for the future development of offshore wind farms in the U.S., including the […]

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Wind and Solar Facilities Killing Millions of Birds

The Institute of Energy Research reports on a study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, showing every year 573,000 birds (including 83,000 raptors) and 888,000 bats are killed by wind turbines – 30 percent higher than the federal government estimated in 2009, due mainly to increasing wind power capacity across the nation. This is figure is likely […]

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Big Green Helps Big Wind Hide Butchery

It uses tons of fossil fuels every day, emits a greenhouse gas that’s like CO2 on steroids, can’t do the job it’s made for, costs taxpayers exorbitant fees, and makes the federal government look mentally ill for giving it outrageous subsidies. It also chops up birds, bats and scenery with roads and monstrous 400-foot-tall machines. […]

Wind Farms and Eagle Deaths

The blades of wind turbines appear to rotate slowly and the eagles, who “behave like drivers texting on their cellphones” when they’re in flight looking for food, do not see them until it is too late. Rocky Mountain Raptor Program director Michael Tincher tells the AP that he euthanized two golden eagles whom he found starving […]

Montana Wind Farm Explained

Wind energy is a great way to create Electricity with little or no impact. Of course every form of electrical generation has some down side. Many people complain that wind mills can kill birds. With the wind blowing at over 60 miles per hour these are hardly moving. If a bird dies by flying into […]

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