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Wind and Solar Facilities Killing Millions of Birds

The Institute of Energy Research reports on a study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, showing every year 573,000 birds (including 83,000 raptors) and 888,000 bats are killed by wind turbines – 30 percent higher than the federal government estimated in 2009, due mainly to increasing wind power capacity across the nation. This is figure is likely […]

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Bird Conservancy Files Suit Against Wind Turbines

The American Bird Conservancy has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, charging the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with “multiple violations of federal law” in granting wind turbine permits. At issue is the FWS’s controversial proposed rule that would allow wind power facilities to kill protected golden and bald eagles for periods of up […]

Eagles killed by Palm Springs Windmills Raise Concerns

When eagles fly over San Gorgonio Pass, they confront a barrage of deadly obstacles among the whirring blades of windmills. It’s unclear how many birds are killed, but federal officials say the wind turbines here and at other wind farms are taking a significant toll. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it has received […]

Enviros Tapdance Around Wind Turbines’ Bird Kills

When Mother Nature’s supposed greatest defenders call for replacing our reliable, affordable energy sources with unreliable, expensive sources that occupy more land and destroy more wildlife habitat, something might be afoot. Perhaps it’s just a new brand of environmentalism … or maybe there’s another agenda at play. Consider that humans have been trying to harness […]

Wind Farms Pose Threat to Rare Eagles

The only requirement for this license to kill is that wind farm operators show they are making some effort to try not to kill eagles. I haven’t heard of anything that can be done to prevent eagle deaths once a wind turbine is built, so the requirement may simply be to donate some money to […]

Wind Energy Gets Away With Murder

So the Interior Department can be forgiven for never fining or prosecuting a wind-energy company that repeatedly kills eagles. And we taxpayers can be forgiven for subsidizing them to the tune of a billion dollars a year. According to an estimate published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin in March almost 600,000 birds are killed by […]

Feds Underestimate Number of Bird Deaths

A new study found that the federal government underestimated the number of birds that die colliding with wind turbines across the country. In fact, bird deaths were found to be 30 percent higher than previous estimates given by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2009. “I estimated 888,000 bat and 573,000 bird fatalities/year (including […]

Definitive answer needed on bird deaths

It’s tough to find a straight answer on bird mortality. One thing many people will tell you — lots of birds die, and for a plethora of reasons. But some cite particularly high numbers of bird deaths at the hands — or blades, I suppose — of wind towers. Many talk about those deaths as […]

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