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Botulism in Waterbirds

Outbreaks of botulism killed large percentages of waterbirds inhabiting a wetland in Spain. During one season, more than 80 percent of gadwalls and black-winged stilts died. The botulinum toxin’s spread may have been abetted by an invasive species of water snail which frequently carries the toxin-producing bacterium, Clostridium botulinum, and which is well adapted to […]

Bird discovery threatens closure of 50MW project

Avian group SEO Birdlife brought the case to court. It discovered the regional government of Castile and León had concealed official environmental reports highlighting the importance of a local bird species, the urogallo, in the vicinity of the Peña del Gato wind project. The plant is located in the Omaña and Cepeda districts, close to […]

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Thousands of Birds Paying a High Price for Green Energy

Wind turbines do kill birds. Even their most passionate advocates concede that. They argue that (a) if turbines are placed appropriately only an extremely small number of birds are killed and (b) these deaths can be compensated by saving other birds elsewhere. It stands to reason that if you build a wind turbine in a […]

Wind Turbines vs. Wildlife

“Every year in Spain alone — according to research by the conservation group SEO/Birdlife — between 6 and 18 million birds and bats are killed by wind farms. They kill roughly twice as many bats as birds. This breaks down as approximately 110–330 birds per turbine per year and 200–670 bats per year. And these […]