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Wind Farm Turbines Take Toll on Birds of Prey

EAGLES, falcons and other raptors make up to a third of the estimated 1500 birds killed each year at Australia’s biggest wind farm. The finding of an independent report for Macarthur Wind Farm operator AGL follows 12 monthly searches of 48 turbines at the 140-turbine operation in Victoria that found 576 bird carcasses. After adjusting […]

The Problem with Wind Farms: All Those Dead Birds

A U.S. House committee wants to see documents related to charges the Obama administration is more concerned about protecting the wind-farm industry than eagles and other protected birds. The birds die in the rotors of the giant turbines that dot the U.S. landscape, particularly in the Southwest. A birding activist in New Mexico wants to get to the bottom of […]

Birds at Risk of Collision in Wind Farms

Researchers recorded 27 bird species flying in the risk zone, out of which 11 were raptors. “Raptors are at a higher risk of collision as compared to other species. Such high risk of raptor collisions with turbine rotors and overhead power lines has been earlier reported by studies abroad,” he said. Ornithologist Satish Pande of […]

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Developer to Move 25 Towers at Wind Farm Over Raptor Concerns

Last-minute changes to the layout of a $400 million wind farm in northern Montana are planned in response to concerns about raptors in the area, the San Francisco-based developer and a Montana conservation group said Thursday. Rim Rock wind farm is under construction on the Kevin Rim in Glacier and Toole counties. It’s home to […]

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