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Northern Spotted Owls Bullied

The sight of a monogamous nesting pair of Northern Spotted Owls is a sign of a healthy forest. The highly territorial birds rarely leave the protective cover of dense northwestern forests and their nests in dead standing trees. Today, however, many are vagabonds, soaring aimlessly without nests or homes. Read More…

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Rare Burrowing Owl Sighting

Earlier this week I made a quick run down to the coast to try to add a bird to my State List. I’ve written about chasing birds before; it’s something some birders do to build up their life, state, or even county lists. This time the destination was the south end of Wrightsville Beach where […]

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Willamette Valley Great Horned Owls

While enjoying hikes in the Willamette Valley, keep your eyes and ears open for the great horned owl. The great horned owl (bobo virginianus) is our most common owl. A nocturnal hunter, they hunt silently, gliding over fields and woodlands in search of mostly small mammals. However, the owls also will prey on other owls, […]

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Why Do Owls “Bob” Their Heads?

Ever wonder why owls bob their heads from side to side so often? Audubon’s recent “BirdNote” podcast addressed this peculiar behavior, explaining that the animals aren’t intentionally trying to weird you out after all. Read More…

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Unknowable Magic of Owls

What makes owls so captivating?

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Protected Birds Illegally Poisoned

A new report has highlighted the number of illegal poisoning and persecution incidents of birds of prey in Northern Ireland. The report, by the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime Northern Ireland (PAWNI), found that there were 30 illegal poisoning or persecution incidents, affecting 33 protected birds of prey. The most frequent casualty was the […]

Birds Die as Wind Turbine Replacement Lags

A battle that pits union jobs against the lives of thousands of birds is playing out in the scenic hills of the Altamont Pass, where a wind power company operates hundreds of turbines that environmentalists say are outdated and kill protected species. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors must decide Tuesday whether to give Altamont Winds Inc. […]

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The accepted killing and maiming of animals in the name of Green energy

Liberals love solar and wind energy as long as the solar panels, which need considerable acreage to install and plenty of sun year around, are installed on someone else’s property.  But no progressive would agree to have the ugly, unsightly, and noisy wind mills installed in their own back yards because they would be destroying […]