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Wind Turbine Lawsuit Now in Federal Court

A lawsuit filed by local residents to stop development of a wind turbine farm on Turkey Heaven Mountain in Cleburne County last week moved to federal court. The lawsuit, filed on June 2, had dismissed all the defendants but Oklahoma-based Nations Energy Solutions and Terra-Gen Power from Delaware, so the defendants asked that the case […]

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Obama Looks the Other Way When Wind & Solar Power Kill Birds & Bats

Massive solar power plants and wind turbines are killing birds and bats in large numbers, but the Obama Administration is not disturbed. In Appalachia, the administration imposes strict standards on the amount of salt in streams below coal mines because it may (or may not) have an adverse effect on mayflies and other flies, but […]

Looking at Bird Deaths

Ryan Zimmerling and colleagues provided estimates of avian mortality because of collisions with wind turbines. Their figures were based on carcass searches at 43 wind farms in Canada. A carcass count, however, will be low because scavengers remove some of the dead birds before a researcher can find them, some carcasses will be overlooked by […]

Feds List New Bird Species As Threatened – Should Wind Developers Be Worried?

In response to a precipitous decline of the lesser prairie-chicken (LPC), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced on March 27 that it is listing the species as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Under the ESA, a “threatened” designation means the species is likely to become in danger of extinction within the […]

Fears Over Turbine Bid

Pauline Jones, from Out Rawcliffe, said: “They want to build the wind farm right in the middle of a bird sanctuary, which is atrocious. “This area is a feeding ground for pink-footed geese who come here between October and March from Iceland and Greenland to feed. It is just not the right place.” Out Rawcliffe […]

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Call for wind turbine rules to protect bats and birds

Scientists at Stirling University are suggesting new national guidelines be drawn up to protect bats and birds from domestic wind turbine developments. Research by the School of Natural Sciences found wide variations in the planning processes for micro-turbines. In some council areas, an ecological survey is not required before construction. The researchers are calling for […]

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Wind Energy: Bird Killing Exemptions

Environmentalists have gone to great lengths to have certain eagles, hawks, and owls protected as endangered species, only to have wind turbines act as avian cuisinarts. Wind power currently enjoys a unique exemption from Endangered Species Act protections and other federal restrictions protecting animals from deliberate or incidental killings. And to add to this, here […]

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Campobello Wind Turbine Could Kill 1,000 birds

An environmental group is worried about the bird population on Campobello Island if a proposal for a wind turbine goes ahead. World Council for Nature wrote a letter to the Environment and Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch warning birds, such as bald eagles who use the nearby Roosevelt Campobello International Park as a breeding ground, […]

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