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The Battle Over Wind Farms, Dead Eagles, and a Rule by the Government

Paul Domski is a falconer and a bird lover. And he really doesn’t like wind farms or the federal government’s recent decision to protect wind energy companies for up to 30 years for killing eagles. “If I was the country’s energy czar I’d get rid of (wind farms),” said Domski, who is also the Mountain […]

Wind-Farm Advocates Clash Over Eagle Safety

Conservationists and wind energy advocates from across the Midwest gathered in Bloomington on Thursday evening for a federal hearing on the best way to manage the often lethal mix of wild eagles and wind turbines. It was the second of five hearings that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting nationwide as it revises […]

Eagles Killed by Palm Springs Windmills Raise Concerns

When eagles fly over San Gorgonio Pass, they confront a barrage of deadly obstacles among the whirring blades of windmills. It’s unclear how many birds are killed, but federal officials say the wind turbines here and at other wind farms are taking a significant toll. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it has received […]