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Obama’s regulation on wind turbines will kill up to 4200 bald eagles per company.

Bald and golden eagles may be legally killed or injured in the thousands by high-speed turbines (reaching speeds up to 170 miles per hour), under new regulations released Wednesday by the Obama administration. The rules, which affect individual wind-energy companies that plan to operate the technology for up to 30 years, allows up to 4,200 […]

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Bats at Greatest Risk from Turbines in Illinois

Bats are much more likely than birds to be killed or injured by wind turbines in Illinois, according to state data. “About 22,000 bats a year are killed by wind turbines,” said Keith Shank, who tracks wind turbine collisions and endangered species for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Shank said bats killed by wind […]

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Who Gives a Hoot About Turbines?

The barn owl has done what no anti-wind turbine protester in Port Ryerse has been able to do to date: halt construction of a green energy project in their village. A woman walking her dog this summer spotted one of the birds — they are on the endangered species list in Ontario — flying into […]

Obama Looks the Other Way When Wind & Solar Power Kill Birds & Bats

Massive solar power plants and wind turbines are killing birds and bats in large numbers, but the Obama Administration is not disturbed. In Appalachia, the administration imposes strict standards on the amount of salt in streams below coal mines because it may (or may not) have an adverse effect on mayflies and other flies, but […]

Turbines are Due a Close Review

Mill Creek wind farm has the potential to be more than the largest wind farm in Missouri. It also could be disruptive to migratory birds and impact the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. Element Power of Portland, Ore., which is developing Mill Creek, proposes erecting more than100 wind turbines in a 30,000-acre area in Holt […]

Windmills Grind Bird Population to Death

India is home to 165 globally threatened bird species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red list. Of these, 110 species have a strong population hold in our country, and any fluctuations will put the entire race under considerable threat. A report by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) highlights the lesser-known […]

Solar Panels Frying Birds Along Major Migration Path

A recent article by Vice author Lex Berko notes that dead birds are being found with “singed wings” around several California solar energy facilities. It happens that many of California’s solar plants are, the article claims, in the path of “the four major north-to-south trajectories for migratory birds” called “the Pacific Flyway.” Birds are dying […]

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Wind Farms Killing Our Eagles

Green energy is a cornerstone of our president’s energy plan. Because of this, green energy companies get to do things that are not that green. The government is doing everything in their power to protect companies from liability. They are helping by not reporting the death of many eagles, hawks and falcons. It has been […]