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How China Can Ramp Up Wind Power

China has an opportunity to massively increase its use of wind power — if it properly integrates wind into its existing power system, according to a newly published MIT study. The study forecasts that wind power could provide 26 percent of China’s projected electricity demand by 2030, up from 3 percent in 2015. Such a […]

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Bird Stops Rollercoaster

 BEIJING –  Roller-coaster riders at one of Beijing’s major amusement parks were left hanging upside down for almost 20 minutes when a bird stood on one of the ride’s safety sensors. Read More…

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Thousands of Birds Paying a High Price for Green Energy

Wind turbines do kill birds. Even their most passionate advocates concede that. They argue that (a) if turbines are placed appropriately only an extremely small number of birds are killed and (b) these deaths can be compensated by saving other birds elsewhere. It stands to reason that if you build a wind turbine in a […]