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Endangered Parrots being Shot

People in Ocean Beach and Point Loma are trying to understand why someone is shooting the endangered parrots. The last of three parrots shot in the last four days died Wednesday. A video taken by SoCal Parrot showed the bird limping around with a broken wing, the injuries caused by a pellet gun. Patricia Simpson […]

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Wind Farm Gets a Pass on Killing Eagles In Order to Save Them

A California wind farm will be the first in the nation to take advantage of a new federal policy that allows it to inadvertently kill legally-protected eagles without paying a penalty. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced last week that the 3,500-acre Shiloh IV Wind Project near Rio Vista in Solano County is […]

California Wind Farm Not Responsible if Eagles Fly Into Blades

(CNN) — A California wind farm is on track to get the first-ever permit allowing it to avoid prosecution and penalties in the event of eagle deaths from farm operations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Thursday it expects to grant a permit to the Shiloh IV Wind Project, a 3,500-acre wind farm near […]

Federal Double Standard on Endangered Species Laws?

The federal government is not shy about prosecuting those who violate threatened and endangered species laws. But under a new Obama administration policy, wind farm operators are getting 30-year permits to kill protected species. The government fined marine biologist Nancy Black $12,000 and sentenced her to three years probation for feeding a whale in Monterey […]

Wind Turbines: New Study Documents High Bird and Bat Kills

In his new study, Smallwood states: I estimated 888,000 bat and 573,000 bird fatalities/year (including 83,000 raptor fatalities) at 51,630 megawatt (MW) of installed wind-energy capacity in the United States in 2012. He explains: Projecting estimates of [bird fatalities per megawatt per year] to the estimated installed capacity of wind energy in the United States […]

Big Wind & Avian Mortality (Part I: Problem Identification)

In 1984, the California Energy Commission concluded in regard to the state’s wind industry: “[M]any institutional, engineering, environmental and economic issues must be resolved before the industry is secure and its growth can be assured.” Though it was between the lines, the primary environmental issue alluded to was the extreme hazard that wind turbines posed […]

Feds Ask For Help in Turbine Eagle Deaths

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has asked the public for help in gathering information on eagle mortality in the wake of the death of a golden eagle at the North Sky River wind facility in Kern County on January 29. The eagle was found near a turbine just one month after the facility […]

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Expert: San Diego Wind Farm May Devastate Eagle Population

A California eagle biologist says that a wind power project in eastern San Diego County may pose a serious threat to golden eagles in the Anza Borrego region. The Tule Wind Power Project, approved earlier this year by San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors, would place close to 100 turbines on 750 acres in the […]

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