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Obama’s regulation on wind turbines will kill up to 4200 bald eagles per company.

Bald and golden eagles may be legally killed or injured in the thousands by high-speed turbines (reaching speeds up to 170 miles per hour), under new regulations released Wednesday by the Obama administration. The rules, which affect individual wind-energy companies that plan to operate the technology for up to 30 years, allows up to 4,200 […]

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Alaska’s Shorebirds Exposed to Mercury

Shorebirds breeding in Alaska are being exposed to mercury at levels that could put their populations at risk, according to new research from The Condor: Ornithological Applications. Thanks to atmospheric circulation and other factors, the mercury that we deposit into the environment tends to accumulate in the Arctic. Mercury exposure can reduce birds’ reproductive success and […]

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Feather-Munching Bacteria Damage Wild Bird Plumage

A new study in The Auk: Ornithological Advances links feather-degrading bacteria to damaged plumage on wild birds for the first time, offering new insights into how birds’ ecology and behavior might affect their exposure to these little-studied microbes. Scientists know surprisingly little about the diverse community of microbes that lives on bird feathers. A few of these […]

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Storks Fill Up on Junk Food

White storks are addicted to junk food and make round-trips of almost 100km to get their fix — according to new research from the University of East Anglia. In folklore, storks would carry babies to parents around the world. But since the mid 1980s, increasing numbers no longer migrate from Europe to Africa for the […]

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Endangered Parrots being Shot

People in Ocean Beach and Point Loma are trying to understand why someone is shooting the endangered parrots. The last of three parrots shot in the last four days died Wednesday. A video taken by SoCal Parrot showed the bird limping around with a broken wing, the injuries caused by a pellet gun. Patricia Simpson […]

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Pelican Deaths

As many as 35 brown pelicans have been found dead on Grand Isle in the past two weeks, prompting an investigation by scientists with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. They’ve dismissed suspicions that the birds were shot but have yet to determine the cause of death. The dead pelicans were first reported to the Grand Isle Police Department, […]

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Airports Have Wide Latitude to Kill Birds

The operator of New York City’s airports has the legal right to kill migratory birds when necessary to protect planes, a federal appeals court said Tuesday as it rejected a challenge from an animal advocacy group. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was within […]

Protected Birds Illegally Poisoned

A new report has highlighted the number of illegal poisoning and persecution incidents of birds of prey in Northern Ireland. The report, by the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime Northern Ireland (PAWNI), found that there were 30 illegal poisoning or persecution incidents, affecting 33 protected birds of prey. The most frequent casualty was the […]