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Wind Farm Turbines Take Toll on Birds of Prey

EAGLES, falcons and other raptors make up to a third of the estimated 1500 birds killed each year at Australia’s biggest wind farm. The finding of an independent report for Macarthur Wind Farm operator AGL follows 12 monthly searches of 48 turbines at the 140-turbine operation in Victoria that found 576 bird carcasses. After adjusting […]

Review of 30-Year Eagle Take Rule

In a nine-page comment letter, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) not only raises numerous objections to the 30-year eagle take rule but offers an 18-point plan the organization says constitutes a scientifically credible, transparent permitting process for wind energy development. ABC’s comments were submitted to FWS as part of the agency’s effort to engage the public […]

Looking at Bird Deaths

Ryan Zimmerling and colleagues provided estimates of avian mortality because of collisions with wind turbines. Their figures were based on carcass searches at 43 wind farms in Canada. A carcass count, however, will be low because scavengers remove some of the dead birds before a researcher can find them, some carcasses will be overlooked by […]

Plan Protects Endangered Bats

Bat mortalities at wind farms are most often associated with migratory bat species. Vermont has three species of migratory bats and six species of cave-dwelling bats that hibernate each winter in local caves or mines. White-nose syndrome, the fungus that has caused up to 90 percent declines in some bat species in recent years, affects cave-dwelling […]