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Trump’s Administration Increases risks of Poisoning Bald Eagle.

  In January, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a new policy to phase out the use of lead ammo and fishing tackle on more than 150 million acres of national wildlife refuges and other agency lands and waterways. Lead is a deadly toxin—one we’ve known about for ages—and it’s killing eagles around the […]

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Obama’s regulation on wind turbines will kill up to 4200 bald eagles per company.

Bald and golden eagles may be legally killed or injured in the thousands by high-speed turbines (reaching speeds up to 170 miles per hour), under new regulations released Wednesday by the Obama administration. The rules, which affect individual wind-energy companies that plan to operate the technology for up to 30 years, allows up to 4,200 […]

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Bald Eagle Soars Free After Rehabilitation

State environmental workers this week set free a bald eagle that had been found severely injured and was rehabilitated by veterinarians for more than a month. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife officials brought the bird of prey to the Wachusett Reservoir in Central Massachusetts Tuesday, where it spread its massive wings and took flight from […]

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Bald Eagles Nesting

A bald eagle couple that has made the National Arboretum their home is nesting for a family this month. The eagles laid two eggs in the past week, and now you can watch as they await their eaglets thanks to two well-placed, live-streaming nest cams. Read more…

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Airports Have Wide Latitude to Kill Birds

The operator of New York City’s airports has the legal right to kill migratory birds when necessary to protect planes, a federal appeals court said Tuesday as it rejected a challenge from an animal advocacy group. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was within […]

Protected Birds Illegally Poisoned

A new report has highlighted the number of illegal poisoning and persecution incidents of birds of prey in Northern Ireland. The report, by the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime Northern Ireland (PAWNI), found that there were 30 illegal poisoning or persecution incidents, affecting 33 protected birds of prey. The most frequent casualty was the […]

Renewable Energy Death Toll Impugns Green Claims

Renewable energy sources are killers, not so much green as red. Until recently, renewable energy sources—wind, solar, hydro, etc.—have gotten a pass on the environmental harms they cause. However, as the death toll mounts, the public has begun objecting to the deadly impacts of “green” energy sources. Hydroelectric dams, once the darlings of the green […]

Colorado Birds Receive Protection Against Wind Turbines

The US’ first wind energy legislation to protect birds against wind energy and other renewable energy has been passed. The Bird Protection Act will come into force in January 2015, requiring energy producers to ensure that their facilities protect birds and other wildlife. The bill – drafted by State Senator David Balmer – referenced a […]