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Administration ‘Slow Rolling’ Documents on Bird Deaths at Wind Farms

The Obama administration is refusing to turn over documents related to enforcement of environmental laws at wind farms where dozens of eagles and other protected birds have been killed, House Republicans charged Wednesday. Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., said the Fish and Wildlife Service has engaged in a “deliberate slow rolling of documents and answers” for […]

The Problem with Wind Farms: All Those Dead Birds

A U.S. House committee wants to see documents related to charges the Obama administration is more concerned about protecting the wind-farm industry than eagles and other protected birds. The birds die in the rotors of the giant turbines that dot the U.S. landscape, particularly in the Southwest. A birding activist in New Mexico wants to get to the bottom of […]

New Rule Allows Wind Farms to Kill Eagles Without Penalty

A new rule from the Obama administration will allow companies to kill or injure eagles without penalty for up to three decades. The rule clears the way for the wind-power industry to step up production without fear of prosecution related to the bald and golden eagles killed each year by the blades of wind turbines. […]

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Mortality of Eagles and Consequences of Turbines

Last March, a California wind farm, known for killing a host of other birds, garnered federal attention after an eagle was found mangled at the foot of a turbine. According to the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940, American eagles may not  be pursued, shot, shot at, poisoned, wounded, killed, captured, trapped, collected, […]

Big Wind’s Trail of Wings

One eagle was found lying lifeless with a hole in its neck that exposed the bone. Another was found starving and near death with limbs that appeared to be twisted off. Struck down by wind turbines, these eagles were victims of a federal crime. The government prosecutes individuals and companies that kill birds in violation […]

Bats Studied Ahead Of Wind Turbine Project

Researchers are studying the population of bats in the Shirley Basin ahead of a wind project to provide energy to a million homes. The Associated Press reports that zoologists Doug Keinath and Ian Abernethy are collecting bats to determine the species of bats living in the area. The goal of researchers with the Natural Diversity […]

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