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Northern Spotted Owls Bullied

The sight of a monogamous nesting pair of Northern Spotted Owls is a sign of a healthy forest. The highly territorial birds rarely leave the protective cover of dense northwestern forests and their nests in dead standing trees. Today, however, many are vagabonds, soaring aimlessly without nests or homes. Read More…

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Rare Burrowing Owl Sighting

Earlier this week I made a quick run down to the coast to try to add a bird to my State List. I’ve written about chasing birds before; it’s something some birders do to build up their life, state, or even county lists. This time the destination was the south end of Wrightsville Beach where […]

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Why Do Owls “Bob” Their Heads?

Ever wonder why owls bob their heads from side to side so often? Audubon’s recent “BirdNote” podcast addressed this peculiar behavior, explaining that the animals aren’t intentionally trying to weird you out after all. Read More…

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Unknowable Magic of Owls

What makes owls so captivating?

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Wind and Solar Facilities Killing Millions of Birds

The Institute of Energy Research reports on a study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, showing every year 573,000 birds (including 83,000 raptors) and 888,000 bats are killed by wind turbines – 30 percent higher than the federal government estimated in 2009, due mainly to increasing wind power capacity across the nation. This is figure is likely […]

Bats at Greatest Risk from Turbines in Illinois

Bats are much more likely than birds to be killed or injured by wind turbines in Illinois, according to state data. “About 22,000 bats a year are killed by wind turbines,” said Keith Shank, who tracks wind turbine collisions and endangered species for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Shank said bats killed by wind […]

Nine Surprising Migratory Bird Facts

Birds manage to make such mammoth journeys despite various threats, including those posed by humans. In the Mediterranean region alone, millions of migratory birds are hunted and captured each year with guns, nets or twigs covered in adhesive bird lime. At least two million are said to be caught in Cyprus each year but Egypt […]

Bill to Gut Bird Protection Laws

A bill that would seriously curtail the reach of two major federal bird protection laws has been introduced in the House of Representatives, and its sponsors clearly intend the measure as a boon to the renewable energy industry. The bill, H.R. 493, would require that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant permits of at […]