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Strong Effects of Climate Change on Common Bird Populations

Scientists have shown for the first time that common bird populations are responding to climate change in a similar pronounced way in both Europe and the USA. An international team of researchers led by Durham University, UK, found that populations of bird species expected to do well due to climate change had substantially outperformed those […]

14,000 Abandoned Wind Turbines Litter the USA

The towering symbols of a fading religion, over 14,000 wind turbines, abandoned, rusting, slowly decaying. When it is time to clean up after a failed idea, no green environmentalists are to be found. Wind was free, natural, harnessing Earth’s bounty for the benefit of all mankind, sounded like a good idea. Wind turbines, like solar […]

Birds Create Stunning Formations in Skies over Israel

Arriving like dark clouds, thousands of European starlings swoop and soar through the skies of Israel each winter, with stunning moves that could rival any aerobatics team. Scientists are not exactly sure how they stay in perfect formation, but bird expert Zachary Slavin with the National Audubon Society says it could be as simple as keeping an […]

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