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Strong Effects of Climate Change on Common Bird Populations

Scientists have shown for the first time that common bird populations are responding to climate change in a similar pronounced way in both Europe and the USA. An international team of researchers led by Durham University, UK, found that populations of bird species expected to do well due to climate change had substantially outperformed those […]

Bird Language

All language, human and otherwise, revolves around turning meaningless sounds into something more. It’s widely accepted that many non-human animals use what’s called referential communication — specific sounds mean specific things to the receiver. Beyond that, there are two kinds of syntax that make speech more complicated, but also more useful: phonological and compositional. Humans have […]

14,000 Abandoned Wind Turbines Litter the USA

The towering symbols of a fading religion, over 14,000 wind turbines, abandoned, rusting, slowly decaying. When it is time to clean up after a failed idea, no green environmentalists are to be found. Wind was free, natural, harnessing Earth’s bounty for the benefit of all mankind, sounded like a good idea. Wind turbines, like solar […]

The dirty little secret on sage grouse

It’s no coincidence that sage grouse habitat also happens to intersect both the largest untapped coal deposits in the country as well as large parts of the Bakken oil field. It’s clear the primary motivation to focus on sage grouse for ESA listing is to provide yet another tool for special interest groups to block […]

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Bird Lovers Balk at Wind Farm

The Rim Rock wind farm, owned and operated by the Spanish company NaturEner, is located near a high-density breeding and nesting ground for golden eagles and ferruginous hawks northwest of Shelby. “Kevin Rim is a great place for wind but it is also an incredible place for raptors,” says Janet Ellis, program director of Montana […]

Eagle Deaths at Wind Turbines Widespread, Undercounted

Though California and Wyoming lead the nation in eagle deaths at wind turbine facilities, wind turbines are killing bald and golden eagles nationwide, and the death toll is mounting. That’s according to Dr. Joel Pagel, a longtime raptor biologist now working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the lead author of a recent […]

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Feds Look the Other Way as Wind Farms Kill Birds

Lights left on during a foggy night last year at a West Virginia wind farm are thought to be behind the grizzly deaths of nearly 500 songbirds. It was the third time it happened — and each time, the federal government looked the other way. Fast forward to last week. Following the deaths of a […]