A Lonely Penguin Journeys Cross-Country For Love

Up until age 13, Don was best friends with her little sister Dewey. Born just a year apart, the two were extremely close and did everything together. They kept each other well-groomed, accompanied each other for meals, and loved to lounge side by side. Then Dewey got a boyfriend, and everything changed.

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What Would Happen If We Brought Birds Back From The Dead?

Extinction is deeper than death—it’s an irreversible biological loss that extends well beyond individuals.

At least, that’s what we’ve always understood it to be.

Now, some researchers are betting that, in certain cases, extinction might be able to be undone. The emerging field of de-extinction seeks to revive lost species using advances in synthetic biology, including cloning. While resurrected individuals would not be exact genetic replicas of their ancestors, scientists believe that they can create very close proxies—so close that the animals would fill a niche left vacant by the species’ disappearance.

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A Red-Tailed Hawk With a Major Chance of Cuteness

Is this thing on?

A 54-second clip of a hawk checking itself out on a weather camera has already racked up thousands of views since surfacing on the Internet on Monday.

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Bald Eagle Attacking an Osprey Nest

The attack came yesterday at dusk. With both Osprey parents away from their nest of three chicks, the Bald Eagle sweeps in from over the water. One of the Osprey parents suddenly enters the frame in tow and ready to defend the nest, but it can’t match the speed and power of the eagle, which manages to snag one of the chicks with its huge talons before taking off.

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Northern Spotted Owls Bullied

The sight of a monogamous nesting pair of Northern Spotted Owls is a sign of a healthy forest. The highly territorial birds rarely leave the protective cover of dense northwestern forests and their nests in dead standing trees.

Today, however, many are vagabonds, soaring aimlessly without nests or homes.

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Bald Eagle Stuck in a Moving Car’s Grille

In life, sometimes you’re the grille, and sometimes you’re the Bald Eagle. Alright, so that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but it turned out to be true for an unlucky Bald Eagle in Florida this past weekend.

According to a Facebook post by Florida’s Clay County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, a Bald Eagle had to be rescued from the grille of a Saturn after the bird collided with the car and got stuck in the vehicle’s lower air intake.

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Adelie Penguins Thriving Amid Melting Ice

Adélie Penguins are at home on frigid Antarctica, so it’s logical to assess their noisy breeding colonies as the loss of the continent’s massive ice shelves accelerates.

For now, the scientific poop on the krill- and fish-eating bird is good, even if a few local colonies have died out where the most sea ice has disappeared.

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Is Earth Experiencing a Mass Extinction Event?

A major taxonomic review of non-passerine birds (non-perching or non-songbirds) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recognizes 13 new extinct birds due to fossil finds or splitting species.

In total, the new list now recognizes that 140 birds have gone extinct since the year 1500 AD. This means that in the last five centuries, the world has lost more than 1 percent of its bird species, according to a Mongabay report.

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