Bird Collision with Wind Turbine

Here is an real video of a bird collision with a wind turbine.  The video is not edited and is graphic, so please be advised.



Energy company to pay $1 million in wind turbine eagle deaths

By Soumya Karlamangla
November 24, 2013, 8:00 a.m.

In the first case of its kind, a large energy company has pleaded guilty to killing birds at its large wind turbine farms in Wyoming and has agreed to pay $1 million as punishment.

Duke Energy Renewables — a subsidiary of the Fortune 250 Duke Energy Corp. — admitted to violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act in connection with the deaths of more than 160 birds, including 14 golden eagles, according to court documents.

The deaths took place between 2009 and 2013 at two Duke sites in Wyoming that have 176 wind turbines, according to court documents.

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Donald Trump’s View on Wind Power

Monday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted: “Ugly wind turbines have destroyed the entrance to Palm Springs, CA. These monstrosities are ruining landscapes all over the globe — expensive and bad electric.”

On the phone, Mr. Trump told us some of the things that bother him most about the turbines that freckle the gateway to Palm Springs.

“The turbines are made in China for the most part and certainly outside the United States, but mostly in China. They are a bird killing machines, they kill birds,” Donald Trump said.

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Can A New Windmill Save Birds and Bats?

by Piper Hoffman

Environmentalists and animal lovers are facing a conundrum when it comes to wind power. Wind turbines, with their long blades that rotate at high speeds, kill birds and bats. On the other hand, they are a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels that pollute the environment and destroy habitats. A resolution may be at hand: an inventor claims that his new wind turbine design will not kill birds or bats, will generate more power than existing turbines and will be quieter to boot.

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Turbines and Migratory Peregrine Falcons

Researchers have been studying the migration of peregrine falcons on South Padre Island for some 30 years, and have just completed their spring work, which included placing innovative transmitters on three falcons.

Two of the birds have already flown north of Dallas on their journey to arctic breeding grounds.

Wind Farms Warming up the Earth

By Eric Niiler
Published May 05, 2012
Discovery News

New research finds that wind farms actually warm up the surface of the land underneath them during the night, a phenomenon that could put a damper on efforts to expand wind energy as a green energy solution.

Researchers used satellite data from 2003 to 2011 to examine surface temperatures across as wide swath of west Texas, which has built four of the world’s largest wind farms. The data showed a direct correlation between night-time temperatures increases of 0.72 degrees C (1.3 degrees F) and the placement of the farms.

“Given the present installed capacity and the projected growth in installation of wind farms across the world, I feel that wind farms, if spatially large enough, might have noticeable impacts on local to regional meteorology,” Liming Zhou, associate professor at the State University of New York, Albany and author of the paper published April 29 in Nature Climate Change said in an e-mail to Discovery News.

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Wind Power Versus Condors

Environmentalists have filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and its proposed 100-turbine wind farm in Kern County’s Tehachapi area, maintaining the installation poses a threat to California condors.

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Birds vs Turbines

A new study has found that most bird populations do not suffer long term decline from wind turbines. Wind energy developers welcomed the findings.

Wind farm do not effect most bird populations concludes new study
The study, from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and RSPB, is the first of its kind based on bird populations during the construction as well as operation phases of new wind farms. Wind energy developers welcomed the findings.

Rob Norris, Renewable UK spokesman said wind farm developers “carry out stringent Environmental Impact Assessments to examine the effects a wind farm will have on wildlife,” and added that the report should “dispel the longstanding myth about wind turbines damaging birds, and as such it’s very welcome”.

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