Golden Eagle Fatalities Anticipated with Permit Grant

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has confirmed another golden eagle has been killed at a Nevada wind farm near the Utah line, and conservationists are demanding federal regulators do something about it.

Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Dan Balduini said Wednesday he couldn’t speculate about how the agency might respond after the second golden eagle in three years was found dead Feb. 9 at Spring Valley Wind Energy.

Golden eagles are not listed as threatened or endangered, but they are protected under other federal laws.

Two groups that sued unsuccessfully to block construction of the wind farm in 2011 say the government let the San Francisco-based company off last time with nothing more than a promise to do better at the site west of Great Basin National Park.

“There’s no incentive for a wind energy developer to commit to anything if they are not held accountable for whacking birds they are not supposed to be whacking,” said Rob Mrowka, senior scientist of the Center for Biological Diversity based in Tucson, Arizona.

“What they are basically saying is, ‘OK, government, we are calling your bluff. We don’t think you are going to do anything anyway,”’ he told the AP.

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