Tree-Shaped Wind Turbines Soon to Debut in Paris

An array of tree-shaped wind turbines is soon to make their debut in Paris, potentially revolutionizing this sector of renewable energy.


Developed by the French company NewWind, these “Wind Trees” are about the size and shape of real trees – standing at 11 meters (36 feet) tall and 8 meters (26 feet) in diameter – each sprouting 72 artificial leaves, reports. Scientists hope the unique design, which tries to make these towering turbines blend in with nature, can help avoid public opposition to these eyesores.

The Wind Tree may be tall, but they each have very little mass, making it so that they can generate power with a gentle breeze as slow as two meters per second (4.4 mph). Total power output across all 72 turbines is estimated at 3.1 kW. Although larger, traditional turbines can produce considerably more power, they need more wind to get going and thus operate fewer days of the year. But in the case of Wind Tree, it can be operational for 280 days each year on average.



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