Double, Double, Bats in Trouble: Local Efforts to Save Bats

Bats are in double trouble: Bat species that migrate long distances are being killed in wind turbines, while White-nose syndrome is devastating bat species that migrate shorter distances. Meanwhile, homeowners routinely kill bats when they find them in their houses. But we need bats (just not in our attics!), so safe and humane removal can be done via a “bat exclusion.” That’s the focus of the Halloween installment of WEMU’s “The Green Room”.

Barbara Lucas: I’m at the 13th Annual Great Lakes Bat Festival at Washtenaw Community College. Attending is the Kimball family of Chelsea. They recently moved into an old farmhouse which they share with a small colony of Big Brown bats. Here’s Gabe Kimball, on why he likes them:

Gabe: For one, they are so cool to look at! Also we have a lot a lot less mosquitoes than in the city even. We call it farm TV when we watch the bats leave.

Lucas: Also at the festival is Rob Mies, Executive Director of the Organization for Bat Conservation. He offers to teach the Kimballs the key steps to a bat exclusion, evicting bats without killing them. On the way to the Kimball farmhouse, he tells me why we should fear a world without bats.

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