Review of 30-Year Eagle Take Rule

In a nine-page comment letter, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) not only raises numerous objections to the 30-year eagle take rule but offers an 18-point plan the organization says constitutes a scientifically credible, transparent permitting process for wind energy development.

ABC’s comments were submitted to FWS as part of the agency’s effort to engage the public in a revised process for issuing permits for non-purposeful take—or accidental harm or killing—of Bald and Golden Eagles. These regulations under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (BGEPA) relate to permits where the take of eagles is associated with, but not the purpose of, otherwise lawful activities.

“If there is one thing recent months have shown us, it is that some in the wind industry have shown little to no respect for or adherence to the voluntary regulatory guidelines now in place,” said Dr. Michael Hutchins, ABC’s National Coordinator, Bird Smart Wind Energy Campaign. “Wind energy developments are going up in places they never should have and with little to no consideration for our native birds and bats. As a result, we are calling for an end to the voluntary approach and for the establishment of mandatory guidelines, among other things, to better regulate the industry.”

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