The accepted killing and maiming of animals in the name of Green energy

Liberals love solar and wind energy as long as the solar panels, which need considerable acreage to install and plenty of sun year around, are installed on someone else’s property.  But no progressive would agree to have the ugly, unsightly, and noisy wind mills installed in their own back yards because they would be destroying their vineyards’ and horse-riding pastures’ “view shed.”

Aside from frying birds that happen to wonder in the heat flux of the solar panels, or are attracted by the reflecting panels that look like water, or chopped by the rotating blades of the turbines, wind mills are damaging to animal and human health.

Paul Driessen, quoting U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and American Bird Conservancy, said that “wind turbines kill 440,000 bald and golden eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, cranes, egrets, geese, and other birds every year in the United States, along with countless insect-eating bats.”

“Environmentally friendly” wind turbines kill an estimated 13 to 39 million birds and bats each year.  Mark Duchamp, who is president of Save the Eagles International, estimated these numbers based on a 2012 study of the Spanish Ornithological Society, using data from 136 official turbine-monitoring studies in Spain, data corroborated by a 1993 study of bird mortality from wind turbines in Germany and Sweden.

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