Obama Has Double Standard for Saving Birds

This industry, protected more heavily than birds by the federal government — is wind energy. The mitigating factor is that wind energy is “clean” — except for its massive construction footprint on rural habitat and its endangerment of winged creatures such as birds and bats. It’s emissions-free, unlike what Citgo does.

Some say clean energy is a dirty business. But the “dirty” meant the aforementioned construction footprint of the turbines, the diversion of 40 percent of this nation’s edible corn crop to ethanol refining, the ethanol refining process itself, the increase in acreage dedicated to corn instead of other useful crops, wind and ethanol lobbyists — things like that. We didn’t know that “dirty” meant unjust.

The government’s double standard should offend our sense of justice. Many looked unkindly upon Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott earlier this year when he won a stay against U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack’s ruling that the state’s water policy contributed to the deaths of 23 whooping cranes. Jack had placed a moratorium on new water permits for the Guadalupe and San Antonio rivers.

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